The Wrong Plums

Correct etiquette for buying frutta e verdura in Italia( fruit & veg) – yes you might like to know this when you go on your holidays – soooo before arriving at the checkout YOU need to weigh your chosen produce on the scales and get a price label for it. I have committed this faux pas myself at the Coop supermarket in Volterra  – arriving there without the apples being labelled and being sent back to do it in front of the long queue, quite embarrassing. It’s a steep learning curve, great for improving your vocab because you need to know the name of the fruit or vegetable in order to be able to choose the label – for example – you decide to buy some artichokes but you have no idea of the Italian word so you have to guess wildly.(Carciofi FYI).  they do not provide pictures of the produce for hapless foreigners, noooo that would be giving it away.

I had an issue with plums – spent a while guessing and went for ‘Susine’ which fortunately was correct. otherwise I would have had to say ‘Mi dispiace, ho sbagliato!’ to the lady at the checkout.

well that was delightfully incoherent, can you tell I am rather sleep deprived thanks to my 4 month old bambino???!


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