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two cheeses

cacio is the Italian word for cheese, used as well as formaggio. not to be confused with calcio which is the word for football!!!! had me puzzled for a while. Just sayin’.


prendere uno spaghetto

I’ve been neglecting my Italian blog recently, sincerest apologies for this dear readers. just been checking out a taster for a course on Italian idioms on Babbel ….. but really no, I cannot justify spending any more money on language courses. seriously. Over the years I’ve done rosetta stone courses, Michel Thomas, teaching myself from the Collins books, evening classes at the local college – you name it I’ve tried it. discovered for myself there is no substitute for actually going over there and practising. unfortunately not practical with 2 small boys to look after!!!

anyway, back to the idioms – I liked this one ‘prendere uno spaghetto’ which means to almost have a heart attack ( I assume, to get a bit of a shock, rather than the medical version involving an exacerbation of underlying cardiac disease)…. but I digress. it’s a good one to remember. also ‘essere una buona forchetta’ which means somebody who enjoys their food. lastly ‘avere gli occhi foderati di proscuitto’ which means to bury your head in the sand (literally to have your eyes covered with ham…. love it, that’s so random!!)

yes, Babbel ,would definitely try it myself, very tempted!!!