Going clockwise

Looking at the instructions on my beautiful new Swiss can opener I amused myself today by learning how to say “Twist the knob clockwise” in 4 different languages!
Italian was predictably elegant “Girare la manovella in senso orario”. German was brief “Kurbel im Uhrzeigersinn drehen”. The one that surprised me was the French – how’s this for a long-winded and awkward way to say clockwise —- “Commencez a tourner la poignee dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre”. For the sake of completeness Spanish does the same “Girar la perilla en direccion de las agujas del reloj.” SO now you know.

In senso orario / in senso antiorario (anti-clockwise, or as the Americans say ‘COunterclockwise’…………..)


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