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Caffè Italian style

20150629_122132Ciao a tutti!
Today I was very excited when my present to myself arrived in the post….. a Moka pot / caffetiera which is a stove-top coffee maker of the type very commonly used in Italia to make coffee a casa. Coffee Italian style is going to happen in our house now!! Hubby was equally excited when I unwrapped it – there is a competition as to who enjoys coffee more out of the two of us. Quindi, before putting it into action I (most unusually ) decided to read the instructions, and take the thing apart to see how it worked. most of the time I ignore the inner workings of things, However in the process of looking at my new toy I learned some words which I will share….
You start by filling the tank in the bottom part with cold water, then you fill up a funnel part (imbuto) with coffee (il caffè macinato) and this sits above the water. then you screw the top part firmly on, but not too firmly. this was the good part of reading the instructions which was a frankly poor translation “Screw strongly the top of the coffeepot on the little tank, but don’t prize the handle.” Prize?? In Italian it was written as:
“Avviate il raccogliatore alla caldaietta e chiudete con forza ma senza esagerare, evitando di fare leva sul manico.” but anyway you get the gist, don’t crank the thing round too hard otherwise you might break it!
then you set in on the stove, on top of the gas ring (you might need to buy a reducer if your hob is like mine) and heat it gently until the coffee starts to form in the top tank and some steam comes out of the spout.
other words I learned : manico (handle), guarnizione (a kind of rubber seal), valvola (valve) and piastrina (like a metal plate)! Words ready to use in conversation, and coffee maker ready for action!!

NB I bought a 3 cup Moka pot but judging by the size of it there will be 3 tazzine (little cups) of espresso.
Loving the little man on the side of it, l’omino con I baffi (the little man with a moustache!)