Our first season in the allotment is drawing to a close – there has been a mixture of successes and failures amongst the veggies that we planted. Here is a photo tour of our Orto!! The runner beans (pictured above) are now flowering – they had a very slow start due to being pot bound for a loooong time. once finally planted out free of the coffee cups that the seeds were grown in they did eventually start to grow upwards!!
Beetroot is my new Italian word of the day, and what a magnificent word. Barbabietola (pron. bar-bah-BYEH-tola) or plural, barbabietole. They have grown successfully and somehow we managed to buy a pack of seeds of some orange variety, so initially nobody could believe they were even beetroots at all. they do still taste like beetroots though.
The broad beans were attacked by black aphids and never recovered even after a good spraying with diluted washing up liquid. next year we will have to be more vigilant and win the battle!
the potatoes have been a success but potatoes pretty much grow themselves as long as they get watered regularly – quite satisfying for beginners, and we are now enjoying delicious jacket potatoes.
My personal favourite is the sugar snap peas (Piselli!) which are so lovely that they mostly get snacked on straight from the plant. a few did make it home for dinner too though.
Our veggie garden is a little sanctuary protected from the sheep in the rest of the meadow so there are some lovely wild flowers growing there that can’t survive elsewhere. today I found some borage growing which is one of my favourites. I believe the flowers are actually edible though I haven’t tried them.
The sheep at work, doing their job clearing the field! Le pecore mangiano tutto!! The beehives can just be seen in the background. more about them in a future post!
Considering we had a relatively late start in the season and had to clear the entire patch from waist high weeds, and dig out roots of bracken, bramble and nettle our harvest has been really successful. Just need to figure out how to grow onions a bit bigger than golf-balls next year 🙂

Cipolle piccole….

Today my sentence of the day is : Mangiamo le verdure dell’orto – at last!

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