Storie di due statue

He weighs five tons, he lives in the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze and he’s – probably – the most famous statue in the world. Yep you guessed it Michelangelo’s David was the first Italian statue I read about in the news this week. Since 2014 there have been fears for David after a series of tiny fractures were discovered in his legs. The concerns about his caviglie fragili mean that in the event of an earthquake (terremoto) he could be at risk of toppling over. Architects and government ministers were reportedly in discussion recently about the possibility of building an “anti-seismic museum” where some of Italy’s greatest art works could live safely including David with his muscoli di marmo (muscles of marble)

The second statue in my newspaper was Nettuno, the sea god Neptune, inhabitant of Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore, who was recently caught up in a scandal on Facebook, being accused of violating their rules of decency. His picture posted on the page Storie, curiositae scorci di Bologna (Stories, Curiosities and Views of Bologna)  has since been reinstated after Facebook eventually admitted their error. I like the word scorcio which was a new word for me – although the quick translation was given as’view’, more precisely it translates as a ‘glimpse’ or ‘partial view’ (visuale ristretta di una vista piu’ ampia) or also a ‘perspective’.

On a personal note, the most exciting thing about both these statues is that I hope to visit both of them and see them with my very own eyes during our trip to Italy in May!!! 😊 I have been obsessed with Bologna for at least three years,despite never having been there, so it is about time to finally change that….

Buon Anno 2017 a tutti!!!



2 thoughts on “Storie di due statue

  1. Un po' di pepe

    Povero David! I hadn’t heard about his fragile ankles, but if he managed to survive losing his when a bench was thrown out the Palazzo Vecchio in a brawl in the 1800’s, I have faith that he will be ok! I have always loved David-so much so that my first ‘real’ blog post was all about him. Give him my saluti when you see him in May! Buon Viaggio, Cristina

  2. jtaylor395 Post author

    Wow I never knew that about his arm being broken off, he has survived some turbulent times! Thanks I enjoyed reading your David post too! I do hope I will get to see him this time as it will be my third visit to Florence 😊


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