Hi! Welcome to my blog! Ciao a tutti ! I’m Jenny and this is my blog about learning Italian, the slow way! My basic aim, one way and another, is to try and learn at least 20 new words or phrases per week. My love affair with the Italian language began 10 years ago after a visit to Tuscany, and in the spring of 2017 I eventually started proper lessons via Skype with a real Italian teacher! My blog follows these lessons, sharing some of the useful words and phrases I pick up – and the mistakes I make!!

If you have any thoughts about my blog or teaching yourself a language in general I would love to hear from you!!
PS. sometimes I talk about other languages I love such as French, or other subjects that interest me – Books, wildlife, growing vegetables, bee keeping, etc! But I try to keep some connection with Italian. It all links together somehow in my head anyway 🙂
Thanks for reading, fellow appassionati  di italiano !

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  1. pamelaallegretto

    As a former Italian instructor and translator for Berlitz School of Languages, I may sound biased (I guess I am), but I do believe their method of learning a new language is one of the best. The premise is to begin “thinking” in the new language from the beginning. I recommend, in addition to a good basic grammar book, to get some Berlitz tapes. (No, I do not get kick back for the recommendation) The process of repetition out-loud at a steady pace keeps you from translating in your head and urges you to “think” in Italian. Certainly movies and music also help. The goal to learn so many words a day is also a worthwhile goal. But speaking out loud as much as possible is imperative. Ti auguro tanti saluti!

    1. jtaylor395 Post author

      Thankyou 😊I totally agree about the importance of thinking in Italian rather than translating from English, I have seen much better results when I have avoided translating – and also since I started taking lessons with a native speaker 🙂 I will certainly check out the Berlitz method as I haven’t come across it yet ( have tried just about every other one over the years!) Ciao, Jenny


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