Hi! Welcome to my blog! Ciao a tutti! I’m Jenny and this is my blog about learning Italian, the slow way! My basic aim, one way and another, is to try and learn at least 20 new words or phrases per week. I have been learning Italian, just teaching myself, since 2006. my dream is to spend enough time in Italy / speaking with native speakers that I can become fluent. in the meantime I just keep on pegging away slowly. if you have any thoughts about my blog or teaching yourself a language in general I would love to hear from you!!
PS. sometimes I talk about other languages I love such as French, or other subjects that interest me – Books, wildlife, growing vegetables, bee keeping, etc! But I try to keep some connection with Italian. It all links together somehow in my head anyway πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading, cari lettori !!

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