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L’omino di pan di zenzero


My sister-in-law (mia cognata / la mia cognata? I need to review possessives!) made this amazing gingerbread house for Christmas, and today my 4 year old son had the honour of smashing it to pieces so we could eat it – after we had first marvelled at how pretty it was. my favourite features about the house – in no particular order :
1) The windows made of glacier mints which melt when in the oven and then cool down again making flat windows. Yes, I know, I found that really clever too!
2) The window sills made of candy cigarettes. Not real cigarettes obviously.
3) The Christmas tree in the garden, made of layers of gingerbread stars, progressively smaller toward the top of the tree and coloured with green food colouring.

a while ago My parents brought back a copy of “The little gingerbread man” from their holiday in Italy, ( “L’omino di pan di zenzero”) so that I could read it with my elder son. I’ve read it to him lots of times, both in Italian and in English. for the first time today it occurred to me to wonder where the gingerbread was running TO when he escaped from the baker and his wife, and the answer is obvious. he was looking for a little house just like this one!! purtroppo una volpe l’ha mangiato, non e riuscito mai a trovare una bella casa.

“Stop little gingerbread man, I want to eat you!” “Fermati, omino, che devo mangiarti!”
“RUn Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man” ” Corri pure quanto vuoi : io sono l’omino di pan di zenzeroo e prendermi tu non puoi!!”
also since I was learning about suffixes this week I am starting to notice them everywhere. a whole host of suffixes that help to decode the language. “-ino” being the suffix for little. I plan a whole ‘nother post on suffixes really soon….!