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crocodile noises

I’ve found kids songs are great for learning new words and phrases in italian – this one taught me how to ask ‘ what noise does a crocodile make?’ or ‘how does a crocodile go?’ – “Il coccodrillo come fa?” – check it out, it’s quite catchy, but word of warning for me it turned into an ear-worm and I couldn’t get it out of my head!! substitute the crocodile for more common farm-yard animals and you might actually use this phrase when chatting with Italian kids???! – for example ‘come fa la pecora?’- what does the sheep say???, if you are visiting an agriturismo with the kids!!

the answer by the way remains an enigma  – ‘non c’e nessuno che lo sa!!’


come fa il gallo? – cock a doodle doo!!  OK that’s all for today. I have to go do something productive now.