Adventures in Pesto Making


This week I had fun making pesto sauce for the first time! I like to keep things simple when I’m cooking, and you can’t beat pesto for simplicity. no heating required, just gather your ingredients, chuck them in a blender and Hey Presto… Hey Pesto!!

The thing that took longest in the whole process was plucking the leaves off two whole basil plants – 50g of basilico was required, that’s a whole lot more basil than you might imagine!!
Here’s the recipe that I followed, which is Lucrezia’s recipe as she described in her video (if you haven’t already, then check out her Youtube channel, she is awesome – LearnItalianwithLucrezia).
1 SPICCHIO d’aglio – a clove of garlic
50 g basilico – basil
70 g parmigiano grattugiato – grated parmesan
15 g pinoli – pine nuts – pronounced pee-NO-lee
100 ml Olio d’oliva extravergine – extra virgin olive oil
sale – q.b. (quanto basta) – salt, a tiny pinch

The recipe described washing and drying the basil leaves, then putting all the ingredients in the blender to achieve the desired creamy (CREMOSO) consistency. I had a mini crisis once I had prepared the basil as I don’t have a food processor….. before I remembered I had a small hand-held blender which just did the trick!! (that mini blender is definitely the most useful kitchen appliance ever)
Useful verbs learned in the process:
FRULLARE – to blend
ASCIUGARE – to dry
TAMPONARE – to blot

The end result was pretty tasty 🙂

In other news I have learned some great words this week:
Madria – a herd, as in a herd of elephants. pronounced MAD-ri-a
Rammarico – regret – Pronounced ram-MAR-rico. just a beautiful, beautiful word and worth saying over lots of times !!! That is all 🙂

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